Buildify 1.0

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Buildify is a geometry nodes library for easy building creation.

The .blend file does not contain any of the kits used in the video!If you want to use the same kits, you can get them for free to be used inside Unreal Engine from Megascans library or pay for them to use inside Blender. The desert kit is made by me and it will be free, but I need to prepare the files first (I will put the link here once it's ready).

!!!!!! Make sure to use Blender version 3.2. Older versions are not supported! !!!!!!


  • easy to use - once you have all modules placed into collections, just extrude, copy and paste faces and buildings will be generated automatically
  • modular approach - use premade node groups to make large variety of architectural styles to fit your needs.
  • native support for Blender-OSM addon - use data based on real life locations to combine with procedural generation.

Check the documentation and FAQ here before downloading the file.

Feel free to use #buildify on Twitter on Instagram to see and to let people know, what can be done with the library.

The current version is 1.0. I will add more features over the time once some required nodes are implemented into Blender to be able to do more advanced systems.

Buildify is completely free to be used even in commercial projects (you are not allowed to sell the graph itself or it's derivatives!). If the library saves you some time in production, consider supporting the development with a donation. Thank you <3

For any feedback or support visit my Discord

I want this!

Geometry nodes library for easy building creation.

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Buildify 1.0

2720 ratings
I want this!